Model - SS

Starting at  $12,995.00 



Built from a very stable aluminum alloy. Combined with exclusively used 25MM linear re-circulating ball slides, extremely large torque loads can be applied to the gauging bar, allowing a single frame to handle bar lengths to 12 ft. Self contained electronics ensures problem free operation due to transient line condition, welders etc., And no line conditioning transformers are required. Logic and power devices are completely separated insuring stable long term operation. 

Zakron's Patented  Servo Drive Technology.


  • Closed Loop DC Servo is contained within the Gauging 
  • Precision Rolled Ball Screw
  • Heavy Duty Articulating Pendant
  • Black Anodized Finish
  • Precision Heidenhain Scale Encoder for ‘Y’ Axis (with MS1 model version)
  • 1 Year Warranty




model SS

model SS

model MS1

model MS1



  • Gauge Resolution 0.001"(0.01mm)
  • Speed 500 in/min (12.7m/min)
  • Gauging bar length 39" - 144" (990mm - 3660mm)
  • Height adjustment 12" (300mm)
  • Maximum Programmable Distance 24.000" (610.00mm)
  • Gauge repeatability ±0.001"(±0.02mm)
  • Lateral Adjustment 10"(254mm)
  • Accuracy .002"/12"(.05mm/300mm)


  • Precision Ball Screw
  • Heavy Duty Cast Aluminum Alloy Gauge Fame & Carriage   Assembly
  • Direct Inch Metric Conversion
  • Ultra-Reliable 25 year Proven Electronic Design Still 
  • 100% Manufacturing in House (Electronics, Software, Mechanics)
  • Ball Screw Completely Protected
  • Black Anodized Finish
  • Heavy Duty Articulating Pendant
  • Ergonomically Designed Control Console
  • High Performance Closed Loop DC Servo Motor and Control