61000 SLIM Control

The Comp-U-Bend 61000 is Zakron multi axis controller, capable of 4 axis of realtime motion control. This control is used to run the most common 2 axis pressbrake setup to multi axis applications. 

Utilizing a 8.4" LCD display for easy viewing, a manual rotary dial for easy backgauge position adjustment and a keypad with "soft keys", this system has the ability of independently controlling up to 4 axes of motion and interfaces directly with any of the Comp-U-Bend gauging frames, Single Drive, Micro II, Standard, or Dual Drive.

The 61000 system is capable of controlling almost any type of hydraulic press brake, I.E. pure hydraulic, up acting and positive stop machines. 


61000 SLIM Control Specifications

Bend Dimension Range
Bend Dimension Resolution
Angle Range
Angle Resolution
Depth Dimension Resolution
Dial X1 Per Detent
Dial X10 Per Detent
Job Capacity
Job Number Entry
Bend per Job
Repeats per Bend
Tool Parameters per Job 
Battery Backup
Operating Temperature

0-24.500" (0-622.30mm) base
0.001" (0.01mm)
20deg - 180deg
0.001" (0.01mm)
0.001" (0.01mm)
0.008" (0.20mm)
16 Digit Numeric
2 Years Minimum

61000 System Features

  • Large 8.4" LCD display screen for easy viewing
  • 100 Job Storage with 32 Bends per Job and 9 repeats per bend
  • Tooling data storage with each job
  • Inch or Metric Programming
  • Automatic Bend Allowance Calculation
  • Operator Selected Angle or Depth Mode
  • Angle to Depth and Depth to Angle Conversion
  • Retract with Programmable Distance and Time Delay
  • Manual Dial X1, X10
  • Manual Dial Y1, Y10 (motorized 2nd Axis only)
  • Simple Programming with Use of Menus and Software Selectable Keys
  • Memory Battery Backup
  • Singe Board Controller Utilizing High Density Components
  • High Efficiency Power supplies
  • Four Axis Capability
  • Zakron's Patented DC servo drive

61000 Control Options

Programmable gauge bar height (3 axis Backgauge models)
Programmable gauge bar finger positions (4 axis backgauge models)
RS-232 or RS-422 Communications Port
PC Computer link for DNC control
Bend Dimension Range up to 60"