Zakron is a manufacturer of CNC backgauge's and controls used in bending and shearing of sheet metal. Zakron operates out of its research and development facility in Ajax, Ontario as well a a 25,000sq/ft manufacturing plant in Dearborn Michigan. 


Through continuing efforts in R & D, Zakron has achieved recognition as a leader in gauging technology for pressbrakes and shears, for which they were awarded patent #5,493,779. For over 35 years Zakron has established a track record of innovative design, engineering excellence, technical competence, high quality workmanship and reliability in their products and product designs:


Zakron Industries Inc. was founded in 1981 by Viktor Zakrajsek, Roman Zakrajsek and Wanda Zakrajsek for the explicit purpose of developing the highest quality products at affordable prices. Since Zakron entered the backgauge industry it's sold thousands of CNC units all over the world. The design has changed little since the prototype, but the applications have expanded dramatically.