Easy to learn and operate 
Reduces man power 
Cut costs and increase productivity

System Features



Precision Patented linear guidance system with precision high pitch ground ballscrew ensures accurate cutting to 
(+/-0.005/60”) (0.05mm/300mm)


front shear gauge

Ball Transfers

Ball Transfers to help protect expensive material when moving. Also makes one man operation a breeze.



Zakron designs most of the electronics in all our systems. Including  our new digital servo amplifiers, power supplies and CPU card. This helps ensure that spare parts will be available in the future to the customer.


Hardened Finger Stops  

Software selectable spring loaded pneumatically operated retractable finger. Fully hardened to 50 Rockwell.


Custom Aluminum Extrusion  

Custom design 6061-T6 extruded aluminum frame provides rigidity for internal components and linear positional accuracy.


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Select bed type of shear
Select the Blade length
Max Cutting Capacity

CNC Touch Screen

7" Resistive Touch Screen  

Easy to read touch screen interface for clear navigation and usability.

Screen Modes 

Automatic, Manual, Edit, Calibrate, Directory, Communications

Offline Programming 

Optional offline programming via PC

Realtime Position Feedback 

On all calibrated axis

Parts Counter

32 Absolute Cuts per job

Absolute or Incremental operating modes

For various cutting operations


Barcode Input

Use a barcode to program the control and move the gauge arms.


Up to 4M Long

Gauge arms can be made up to 4m long for large scale accurate shear processing. 


Fully Automatic Mode

With optional software the gauge can be made to run in full automatic mode receiving a drip feed of the programs from a PC.  

UHMW Top Plate

Used for pre-finished material like stainless steel or pre painted blanks.


Moveable or Swing out Support Arms

The support arms can be mounted to either swing out of the operators way or be moveable along a track to increase floor space.




Full 1 Year Warranty 

Standard factory warranty. Call for more details.