Zakron CNC Control Types

610 Plus Control

The 610 Plus control is a single axis controller. It has been in production for over 25 years and is still a simple and reliable controller. With it's manual dial and easy to use operator interface this control is idea for single axis and retrofit applications. 


610 Plus Control Specifications

Absolute Distance Display
Program Distance Display
[Dial x 1] per detent
[Dial x 10] per detent)
Job programs
Bend Stations 
Ram Strokes 
Display ( Program Position)
Display (Backstop Position) 
Display (Job, Bend, Ram Stroke)
Battery Back-up (2AA Alkaline batteries)
Operating Temperature 

26.500" (672.70mm)
26.000" (660.00mm)
0.008" (0.2mm)
5 digits
5 digits
1 Digit
Switch Selectable
2 years Minimum

610 Plus Software Features

3 Mode System  - Program, Auto, Manual
Programmable 'RETRACT' Distance
Sequential Programming
Offset Calibration Allows Minus Dimensions when Setting up Front Stops.
Program Scanning Using [ADV] Button

610 interface